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Patient Reviews

See what our patients are saying about us.

"I have been a customer for 14 years. Although many of the staff has changed, the quality remains the same. Thank you Dr. Sorenson for taking the time to listen and really try to meet my needs. Always been great to my family, and to those I have referred."

Brent C.

"I always have a great experience at Vision One! They have appointments later in the day to fit my needs and are so friendly and helpful. My questions are always answered thoroughly and the turnaround time for glasses is fast!"

Laurie B.

"I enjoyed each time I came to Eagle Vision One. Dr. Sorenson is one of my favorites and the staff is excellent. Great to have such a great business in the heart of Eagle."

Edward H.

"I just had new lenses made to replace my old pair. Dr. Warner recognized a flaw with my old frames that were still under warranty and had them replaced with a new pair. I wasn't asking for it, he just noticed the issue and offered to fix it, which they did. I'm very grateful for that level of service."

Kevin K.

"Excellent experience. Doctor was helpful and concise. He explained my prescription well, listened to my concerns, and was not forceful about purchasing products. Assistant was pleasant and polite, and very helpful with billing and product information. Wide variety of options for glasses, and competitive prices. Highly Recommend."

Chance D.

"I had a great experience at Eagle Vision One. Dr. Moss was very good at explaining all the details of the exam process and answering my questions. I highly recommend this clinic!"

Natalie S.